SEO consultant  YOUR WEBSITE. MY SKILLS. LEARN MORE ABOUT ME. SEO SpecialistHi, my name is Sona. I am an SEO consultant who is fascinated by everything related to digital marketing. A lot of my spare time is spent reading the latest news, tips and tricks, and keeping up to date with innovations in digital marketing, SEO, and Social Media Marketing.

As the web grows in size daily and gets cluttered with new information, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand the digital marketing and SEO landscapes. There are billions of websites and blogs that cover information pertaining to digital marketing, including tips and tricks for effective SEO, but they fail 90% of the time when you put their tips into practice on your own website.

I’m going to let you in on one of the most important secrets of digital marketing that you need to understand—the same marketing strategy that works well for The Face Shop, a Korean cosmetic shop in Armenia, may not work in UK, Italy or Turkey. Why?

Well, there are lots of factors that impact success: the people, geographical area, product, brand trustworthiness, Internet usage patterns, and others. Likewise, the same SEO strategy that works for a personal website will not work for e-commerce websites. Once you understand that each business requires unique SEO strategies with an individual approach, you move closer towards a strategy that works for you and gets you the traffic you need, and it is my aim to help you find such strategies.

This blog covers information relating to all facets of digital marketing:  SEO, SMM, Email Marketing, Spamming, DDOS attacks, etc. If you have questions regarding marketing or you need a consultation, it’s better to contact me directly for assistance. When you need help, you should first check exactly what it is you need for your website then begin searching for information. Otherwise, you’ll end up wandering aimlessly around the net reading numerous blog posts that aren’t relevant to you.


Before becoming an expert in digital marketing, I was a Junior-Scientist in The Tissue Culture Laboratory at The National Academy of Armenia—quite a different role from marketing.  My work covered cultivation of medical herbs and propagation under in vitro and hydroponics condition. This is one of my projects; if scientific stuff interests you, feel free to check it out.

While working as a Junior Scientist, I also began taking marketing courses in The Chartered Institute of Marketing (you can check my work at or certificates). I started with Email Marketing and Social Media Management at The Face Shop and eventually became the Marketing Manager.

My experience at The Face Shop enlightened me as to what I wanted in the future in terms of my career.  My enjoyment of digital marketing outweighed the satisfaction I got from working with tissue culture, so I left The National Academy of Sciences and joined The E-World Systems Team, which is a British SEO company with a branch in Armenia. My first role was as a Junior SEO Assistant and a promotion upgraded my responsibility to become Team Leader.

After a few years, I joined iNexxus Armenia Digital Marketing Company as an SEO Manager. iNexxus has a pretty unique team with creative strategies that represent their own angles for providing SEO solutions that deliver the traffic their clients desire. My work for iNexxus was thoroughly enjoyable and interesting, and it made for another great learning experience that stood me in good stead for future digital marketing roles.

My next career step was to become an SEO consultant for Boaz Sasson, who himself is an SEO expert, for one year. It was a superb experience for me because it was the first time in my career I had the opportunity to directly work with an SEO specialist like Boaz.



Agile SEO is a digital marketing agency that focuses on technology and SaaS markets. Having helped both B2C and B2B companies, I have 7+ years of hardcore SEO experience.


I recently became a member of the team at “Wiser Sites.”  The business revolves around providing solutions to help clients with website hosting, optimization, marketing, and engagement. It is a genuine pleasure working with my skilled colleagues and sharing their highly organized workflow. Every day with the Wiser team presents exciting learning experiences full of possibilities to expand my skills and digital marketing tactics. I am sure I still have a long way to go with Wiser Sites and, hopefully, there is nothing but success for us in the future.


My current role at eBusiness UK is in implementing e-commerce SEO and online reputation strategies. The company has been specialising in e-commerce since 1998, so they have a lot of knowledge about the current digital marketing landscape and how it has evolved over the years.


The major benefit to me of this job is engaging with other talented digital marketing professionals and utilizing my own knowledge in addition to what I’ve learned at the various digital marketing companies I’ve worked with to provide creative and effective SEO solutions for clients. I strive to deliver the SEO results you need to succeed, and it brings a smile to my face to know I’m helping individuals and businesses flourish.

Another perk is that I always have time to travel and participate in enjoyable activities that bring a smile to my face. Nature and animals are particularly appealing to me. Every summer I spend some time on vacation, and inevitably a lot of that time I’m either in the water or nearby; diving and swimming are big passions of mine.

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When I am not working on your Google rankings, I’m thinking about internet marketing. I live and breathe all things digital marketing, so if you want a consultation about an effective SEO or online marketing strategy, do not hesitate to contact me.

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