Hi, I am Sona. I am fascinated by everything related to marketing. Most of the time I am reading news, tips and tricks, and keeping up with innovations in digital marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing.

Today’s web is way too confusing. There are billions of websites and blogs that cover information that seem perfect in theory but fail 90% of the time in practice. There are also blogs that claim their posts are filtered to presents those that work, but that’s not always the case.

Well, let me tell you a secret. The same marketing strategy that works well for The Face Shop, a Korean cosmetic shop in Armenia, may not work in UK, Italy or Turkey. Why? Well, there are lots of differences that impact success: the people, area, product, trust in brand, usage of Internet, and others. Likewise, the same SEO strategy that works for a personal website will not work for e-commerce websites.

My Blog covers information connected to all the angles of digital marketing – SEO, SMM, Email Marketing, Spamming, DDOS attack, etc. If you have questions regarding marketing, or need consultation, it’s better to contact an expert or me :D. First uncover what you need for your website then start searching for information.

Before picking up marketing, I used to be a Junior-Scientist in The Tissue Culture Laboratory at The National Academy of Armenia. I know, quite different from marketing.  My work covered cultivation of medical herbs and propagation under in vitro and hydroponics condition. This is one of my projects

While working as a Junior Scientist, I also began taking Marketing courses in The Chartered Institute of Marketing (you can check my works in Academia.edu). I started with Email Marketing and Social Media Management at The Face Shop and continued as Marketing Manager.

TheFaceShop seo  the face shop

What I understood from my experience at The Face Shop was that I enjoyed Digital Marketing more than my work with tissue culture, which is when I left The National Academy of Sciences and joined The E-World Systems Team, a London branch SEO company in Armenia. I started from Junior SEO Assistant and became Team Leader.

E-World systems seo  E World systems

After a few years, I joined iNexxus Armenia Digital Marketing Company as an SEO Manager. iNexxus has a pretty unique team with creative strategies are their angle. I enjoyed my work there.

iNexxus seo  iNexxus

I have worked as an SEO consultant with Boaz Sasson, an SEO expert, for 1 year. It was a really great experience, as I had never worked with an SEO specialist before that.

Boaz blog seo  Boaz blog

Where do I work currently?

  1. eBusiness UK
    I am working with e-commerce SEO and online reputation strategies at eBusiness in The UK that has been specialising in e-commerce since 1998.


eBusiness UK seo  eBusiness UK

2. Wiser Sites
I’ve opened a new career page by joining “Wiiser Sites.” It is a genuine pleasure working with their team and sharing their highly-organized workflow. With the Wiser Team, every day is an exciting learning experience, with possibilities to expand my skills and tactics. I am sure I still have a long way to go with this team and, hopefully, there is nothing but success waiting for us in the future.

wiser sites seo  wiser sites

3. Agile SEO Israel
Agile SEO is a digital marketing agency which focuses on technology and SaaS markets.

Agile seo seo  Agile seo

Having helped both B2C and B2B companies, I have 7+ years of hardcore SEO experience. When I am not working on your Google rankings, I am practicing my knife throwing skills or swimming. Whenever I get lucky, I swim with dolphins!

If you have any questions or need assistance, you are welcome to drop me a line at sona@seona.co.uk

Why I love my speciality?

Well, I always have time to travel and do crazy things which makes me happy. I adore nature and animals, everything wild. Every summer I spend a month for my holiday and always I am either near the sea or inside :) seo  simple smile which means I do diving a lot, of course swimming with dolphins as well.

Swimming with dolphins seo  Swimming with dolphins 1

Besides the sea I take a journey to Armenian old churches and do hiking sometimes. From sports I spend 6-10 hr for my sport activities which include knife throwing, Wing Tsun Kung Fu, aikido, hand-to-hand combat, NLP, shooting from different weapons.