Image Optimization Step by step guide

Read step by step guide for image optimization for any type of website. Why do you need to optimize images? Well, its very simple. Many people use Google image search, it will help you to get visitors from Google images as well.

Image Optimization Step by step guide  Image Optimization Step by step guide image optmization

1st step:

Filenames, like the following, are common examples of what should be avoided:

  • jpg
  • Method-01-2011-med.jpg
  • e9b8fb52-6c02-11e0-b36e-00144feab49a.img

Images should have meaningful filenames without overly long paths, e.g.


 2nd step

Write keyword-rich alt text (alternative texts), shouldn’t be long, but little descriptive, using keywords

 3rd step

Make sure that images are placed near the relevant text because of not confusing search engines. Search engines assess what page the image is on and the content around the image to dissect important information about the subject matter of your image.

4th step

Use commonly supported file types like Ex: .jpeg or .png

 3rd step

Create separate sitemap only for images (excluding thumbelina)

 4th step

Submit to Google webmaster sitemaps to index

Submitting sitemap to google websmater  Image Optimization Step by step guide Submitting sitemap to google websmater

Over 1% of the image requests on a daily basis are now referrals from Google and this percentage is increasing!

This highlights the importance of images as part of an SEO strategy.


  1. Does it mean that I will get traffic from image searches as well if I optimize images?

  2. Hi Edmund,

    Yes, but apart from that your website speed will be improved. As it is known visitors are browsing inside the website if the speed of loading is less than 3 sec

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