LEAD GENERATION ONLINE – [presenting exemplar 1: Hertz]

In widely spreading digital marketing market it has paramount important to understand the digital media and know how to reach the target prospects and customers online for increasing conversions, engagement for creating strong customer relationship.

Reach more prospects and customers online

  1. Evaluation of the available digital media channels to reach more prospects and online customers for Hertz in Armenia, also recommendations for the best digital media channels.
  2. Production of detailed practical steps on implementing two digital media channels (search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) to reach new customers and description for ways that offline marketing mix can support them.

Purpose: The purpose of the post is to reach, interact and engage new prospects (upcoming post). For this purpose is chosen RACE planning system (Hanlon and Chaffey, 2013).

1. Evaluation of Digital Media Channels to reach target audience and recommendations for the best one

In order to understand which digital media is the best one it is important to segment customers of Hertz in Armenia. Target audiences of Hertz are as follows:

  • Tourists (for short time renting)
  • Organizations (such as embassies and other big once for long time leasing) Widely used digital media channels are:
    • SMM
    • Email marketing
    • Mobile marketing
    • SEO
    • Pay-Per-Click

Social Media Marketing

Taking into consideration that Hertz Armenia’s target audience is online concentrating on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and Google plus has great importance. Table 1 shows strengths and weaknesses of SMM.

Table 1. Strengths and weaknesses of SMM

Strengths Weaknesses
Cost-effectiveTime intensive
Geo-targeted adsShort time visibility of information
ViralTrust, Privacy and Security Issues
Easy to find target audience Negative Feedbacks
Better customer understandingNo control for comments
Great for engagement Overload of information

Email marketing

Newman (2014) mentions that many people complain about email yet the number of emails being sent on a daily basis has increased. Table 2 clearly explains advantages and disadvantages of email marketing.

Table 2. Strengths and weaknesses of email marketing

Advantages Disadvantages
Interactive contentPoor practice in email marketing
Highly personalizedLow open rates
Has global reachSpam
Fast and direct responseDeliverability issues
Helps to build relationshipShutting down the website
Expand target customersLow personal touch
Cost effectiveInformation overload

Mobile Marketing

As whole target audience doesn’t use local number because of short visit to Armenia informing them by short massages looks not realistic. The main advantage of mobile marketing is developing fast car renting applications in Armenia as large number of people use smart phones which saves lot of time.


Organic search results are trusted by people and this give a reason why Hertz.am need to start SEO.

Table 3. Advantages and disadvantages of SEO

Advantages Disadvantages
Cost effectiveUnexpected spam by competitor
Long-term payoffs & Permanent resultsNot immediate success
Increase in trafficRequires long time maintenance
Increase trustGoogle Algorithm updates
Helps to build relationshipShutting down the website
Better Return on investment (ROI)Increase of competitors in SEO

Recommended steps for Hertz.am are:

  • Define target keywords
  • On-page elements implementation
  • Start off-page SEO
  • Analyze results for improvement


As competitors of Hertz do mostly PPC and main disadvantage of PPC is that people tend to ignore sponsored ads hence PPC is not recommended.

2. Practical steps for implementation of 2 digital media channels to reach new customers and description of how the offline marketing can support this.

According to the recommendations given above SEO and SMM are the most recommended channels for Hertz Armenia.


Pie-chart in figure 1 shows the factors that influence on Google Search Engine Ranking. According to this, the mentioned factors need to be taken into account when starting SEO implementation.

Figure 1. Google Search Engine Ranking Factors (Admin, 2014)

Steps for Hertz.am are as follows:

  • ????  Content strategy
  • ????  Keyword analysis
  • ????  On page elements
  • ????  Link building
  • ????  SEO success measurement

Content strategy

In order to have right content Hertz need to know the interests and needs of its target audience. Along with this content need to be:

  • Online reader in mind
  • Tell a story
  • Scannable content
  • Include keywords
  • Call to action sentence

Keyword research

Steps for the can be:

  • Generate ideas starting with the obvious (Ex. Rent a car)
  • Search for synonyms and related terms
  • Check average monthly searches
  • Check competition with allintitle (Ex. Allintitle:rent a car in Armenia) and get all competitors via SemRush tools
  • Grab all competitors keywords which have rankings in Google Filter all relevant keywords
  • Filter by average monthly search

Taking into account that Hertz is an international brand including brand terms such as Hertz Armenia, Hertz car rental in Armenia etc. is also recommended as after when brad awareness will increase searches will also increase.

On page elements

Hertz.am need to do changes with following elements:

  • ????  Page title and description (include keywords)
  • ????  Meta keywords
  • ????  Headline
  • ????  Body text
  • ????  URL structure
  • ????  Image alt attribute
  • ????  Internal and external linking strategy
  • ????  Keyword density
  • ????  Site map, robots.txt and Google webmaster
  • ????  Usability and accessibility
  • Avoid duplicate content and other spammy SEO tactics.

Link building

For link building steps are the followings:

  • Set a goal (ex. How many links in what period of time)
  • Determine website types for link building (websites of Hotels, Embassies other partners.)
  • Organize findings and prepare for contact
  • Start creating links in local directories and other websites such as (image, logo, infographic, press release, audio and video websites and etc.)

SEO success measurement

In figure 2 are presented factors which show the success of SEO

SEO success measurement lead LEAD GENERATION ONLINE  - [presenting exemplar 1: Hertz] SEO success measurement


SMM is about using social networks to guide prospects through a series of steps to get them to take the required actions, such as becoming fun, buying the product or service, subscribing for newsletter etc (Carter, 2014). Steps for implementing successful SMM are:

  • ????Choosing main platform to concentrate on as customer support hub also (Facebook, Twitter)
  • ????Listen and understand the type of content Hertz target audience wants to see
  • ????Setting goal to increase brand awareness and improve customer support
  • Create target audience for Facebook ads and increase them by creating lookalike once
  • ????Find target audience in Twitter by using Tweed adder
    • Search by keyword relevant to Hertz Armenia
    • Find people who tweet about it and follow them, most of them will follow back
    • Search also by brand name “Hertz” as there may be people who tweeted to friends their good or bad experience with Hertz, find them and respond
  • ????Measure the success of social media by key metrics for each phase (Figure 3).

Figure 3. Key metrics of social media channels (Carter, 2014)

Key metrics of social media channels lead LEAD GENERATION ONLINE  - [presenting exemplar 1: Hertz] Key metrics of social media channels

Support of offline marketing mix

Increase of brand awareness using traditional media will enable fast growth of new customers and will support online media. As it is known brand awareness affects through its use as a heuristic for choice, which is customer chooses the brand he/she knows “I’ll choose the brand I know”, also it affects on perceived quality “I’ve heard of the brand, so it must be good” (Macdonald and Sharp, 2000).

Therefore to increase awareness ads which meet Hertz standards and encourage visiting Hertz.am or follow in social networking will enable customer acquisition. Recommended tools are:

  • ????  Poster ads, banners
  • ????  Buses and taxies
  • ????  Brochures, flyers
  • ????  Directories
  • ????  Signage (cars, business premises)

Read next week about how to encourage interaction and online conversion

You can read or download my Digital Marketing Essentials for Hertz assignment in Academia.edu.

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