Listen to Customers, Engage with Customers and Communicate with Customers for Creating Long-term Relationship

Description of the usage of social networks for listening, engaging and communicating with Hertz Armenia’s customers

To listen, engage and communicate with target audience the best social networking platforms for Hertz are Facebook and Twitter. These 2 medias are listening and engaging networks.

Listen to Customers

Listening to people who can become loyal customer has paramount importance, as it is impossible to have conversation when one doesn’t know what to talk about. Therefore listening is must, but people also have to know that company is ready to listen to them. Hertz can follow the example of Hertz Corporation on Twitter (Screenshot 1)

[Screenshot 1]
listen to customers  Listen to Customers, Engage with Customers and Communicate with Customers for Creating Long-term Relationship listen to customers

Before it was very expensive to organize a system to listen to customers and respond them. Nowadays it is cost effective and easy via social media network. Communication is not only talking and shouting it is 50 percent listening and 50 percent talking (Kerpen, 2011).
When a customer has complaint nowadays they share their issue publicly in social networks so their friends will also know. This is somehow negative and somehow positive for an organization, but anyway customer wants to be heard by an organization to which he has complained.

In order to listen to customers by social networks in Facebook page of Hertz it is not enough to allow customers to contact by private message, they need to have also permission to post on timeline publicly like in Twitter page.

Even if customer will complain publicly it is great advantage for Hertz to show that even if their customer is are not happy and have an issue anyway Hertz solves it because they value customer. This will enhance the trust towards them.

Listening to customers will help Hertz to:

  • Understand their customers
  • Know in which cars they are interested in
  • Identify the most wanted place to visit in
  • Understand how to engage them
  • Indentify issues regarding mobile application or other issues and try to solve it
  • Solve issue publicly instead of responding to write private message

It is very important also to find conversations about Hertz by searching via useful tools. As an example tweet adder can be used to find tweets of people about a company and reply them. For Facebook Social Lead Fox or Social Baker’s can be used as listening tools.

Engage with Customers

It is becoming very difficult to react on fans attention as daily business pages and posts are increasing which Facebook is filtering in order not to affect negatively on Facebook users. In order to engage fans Hertz can post/share interesting contents.

There are 3 forms of engagement which show that customer participates and engages: like, share and comment.

– The most efficient post is the one that is uniquely branded update with brand information, which engages organically.

Taking into account that the number of fans of Hertz Facebook page is not huge the organic engagement rate will grow dramatically in case the post will be viral. As posts about car rental packages or offers are boring it is highly recommended to decide and design branded posts, which are:

  • Funny
  • Relevant to the time entertainment
  • Can be about football
  • Speed of cars
  • Types of cars
  • Photo captions of journeys of fans
  • Questions like which is your dream car left or right?
  • Success stories about car creations

Social network can be used to engage in a way by pushing fans into action. An example of engagement post is Alamo Car rental company’s two posts which were highly engaged (Vogel, 2013).

 [Screenshot 2]
engage with customers  Listen to Customers, Engage with Customers and Communicate with Customers for Creating Long-term Relationship engage with customers

Communicate with Customers

Hertz can use two-way communication tactic in order to communicate to their fans. Some tactics can be:

  • Enabling customers, prospects or fans to post their experience with Hertz
  • Create separate page or tab promising high responsiveness
  • Posting questions about general topics of interest

When using the above-mentioned tactics it is important to do the followings:

  • Always respond even if customer posted in his personal wall or page
  • No complain or even positive words has to remain unanswered
  • Write responders personal name, so people will understand that they are talking to a person not an organization.
  • Never delete negative comment or post. Make it useful for Hertz
  • Respond quickly
  • Always respond in personal manner and don’t use standard style

Recommendations for building long-term relationships

The value of customer loyalty is highly important for Hertz. For this purpose email and mobile marketing are best ways.

Email Marketing

When reaching to a prospects and converting them into customers it is very important to start retargeting them, as waiting for customers to visit a website or remember about Hertz is not the right way to continue. Email marketing is effective for customer retention and long-term relationship when using already existing customer email base or permission-based emails.

For Hertz recommendations are as follows: Collect emails via:

  • Adding Subscribe to Newsletter feature in website
  • Advertising in Facebook using target audience (promote an action which will require to sign up for getting a coupon)
  • Encourage blog readers to subscribe by offering special coupon or an additional day of free driving.

Monthly newsletter
This will motivate customers to rent again and keep Hertz in top of the mind. Email need to be personalized and include content above-the-folder.

Weekly emails
These can be reengagement email, those which cover useful information. Such kind of email can be about top used cars in and why to choose those which are many in Armenia, how to buy a car which has cheap recovery, etc and connect that with Hertz by giving info what type of cars do Hertz offer which is convenient for its location.

Hertz is special with its yellow and black colours, for this reason keeping Hertz design in mind and making a very simple design is the key that customers will pay attention on the email.

As car renting company sending an information about some offers or newsletters cannot be very interesting it is highly important to think in a way to educate customers, give high quality and useful information (to know what they like can be identified by listen to them via social media etc.) so they will not get bored.

Choose a subject line which will make recipient to click on the mail for reading it and avoid using words which are filtered by many email providers for spam, such as special offer, discount symbol etc.

Set up an auto responder, integrate social media buttons also “Forward to friend button”. In order to analyze the success also to organize successful email marketing is highly recommended to use a software such as MailChimp.

Mobile Marketing

Digital Marketing Essentials Membership Number: 14298169

The great majority of people are using smartphones which increases chances of creating long-term relationship with target audience. Developing a mobile app will ease the process of booking both for customers and for Hertz Armenia.
Hertz Corporation has already developed different apps for booking cars. The one which is recommend for Hertz Armenia need to be simple, easy, fast and will have the following features:

  • See in nearby available cars to rent
  • Fast booking
  • Extend or cancel the reservation
  • Feature to lock or unlock car
  • Map of showing all interesting and most visited places in whole Armenia
  • Fast customers support feature so question or issue will be submitted and after few minutes support will contact the user to help

Doing mobile ads in social media and search engine platform will increase chances of application downloads app downloads.

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